Staff Sergeant Clarence A Uzee
March 25, 1918 - June 6, 1944

Letter Home
Letter From FDR
Christmas Card 1943
Grave site

Dear Sir:

My name is Rachel Uzee Kramer, great niece, of Clarence Uzee, who is listed as a 1st Engineer in WWII.  He lost his life on D-Day on the beaches of Normandy. He was only 26 years old.  Born March 25, 1918- Died June 6th, 1944/D-Day.  I received the three documents above upon attending a family reunion in Lockport, LA last year August 2013.  Clarence is buried in Lockport, LA, & I had asked questions about him to family members and these wonderful documents were emailed to me.

I was helping my grandson obtain info on the Higgins Boats and the story of D-Day.  And fortunately, my father, Raphael Uzee, was able to tell me that Clarence Uzee was his uncle who died on D-Day and he was on board an Higgins craft.

I was thrilled to read the letter by Clarence to his mother about the “job to be done; and it is a tough one”, i.e., the invasion.  Also, you will find attached the letter sent to family from President FDR commemorating his service  for freedom, and the Christmas card in French dated 12-25-1943, 6 months prior to D-Day.  You will notice the picture of the Higgins Boat on card that evidently they had been training on for the invasion from England to France.  The three documents tell the story of Clarence and all the heroes who went bravely forth to free so many! Praise and Gratitude to All! I just recently stood up on Memorial Day at Church in honor of Clarence!

 I was thrilled to discover  your organization and found Clarence Uzee’s name listed with all who fought with the 1st Engineer Battalion.  What a wonderful site!  Thank you and all for commemorating so many heroes!

You may have to move the scroll bar up or down to retrieve all 3 pages I am forwarding.  I hope this will be an interesting read for many!
P. S. I will send you the picture of his grave marker in Lockport, LA.  I just found this online, too!  Awesome history for family and interested readers!

Thanks for your time.

 Blessings for you all!

 Rachel Ann/Uzee Kramer