Our organization is made up of veterans who served the battalion during WWII, European Occupation, Cold War, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. We presently have 400 members on the roster, ranging from Private to Major General. We mail out three newsletters a year and hold an annual reunion each September. Our Officers are as follows:

President, Jay Franz, Vietnam 520-751-9259,

Vice President, Joe Vargas, Vietnam 303-430-4218,

Treasurer, Dale Greenfield, Desert Storm 605-350-2319,

Secretary, Fowler "Chuck" Humphrey, Vietnam 208-241-7499

Director, Chad Covey, Vietnam 828-328-1843,

Director, Joe Coppolo, Vietnam 575-649-6011,

Director, Terry Hueser, Vietnam 312-642-5920,

Director, Jerry Hunter, Desert Storm, 573-855-1306,

Director, Blair Smoulder, Vietnam 814-726-1806,

Past President, Neal Teschendorf, Desert Storm 920-583-3798,

Chaplain, Larry Blair, Vietnam 505-821-1386,

Liason NCO, Bob Roby, Vietnam,

Newsletter Editors, Alan and Cecil Ann Simmons, Vietnam 910-399-7057,

Director, Ron Labinski, Cold War 913-362-6468,

Our families have always played an important role in the events we share and are always welcome at the reunions.  Our 2018 reunion will be held in Colorado Springs, CO.





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