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If you have any photos that were taken while you were in the Battalion and want to see them displayed on our web site please email them to me. If you don't have them in digital format take them to a friend with a scanner or a photo shop and email them to me.  Include the names of the people in the photo and when and where they were taken.  We will start a new categories when necessary after we receive your pictures.  

Photos can be emailed to

I need background pictures for the web pages. These should be simple scenic with a lot of light area. I can lighten the picture before I put them on the site. I would like each page picture to represent a different era in the Battalion history.  We will change page pictures  occasionally and we want to keep every era represented.

The pictures are reduced in size to display on the web site.  If you want a copy of a higher quality picture that's on the site, email me and I'll send send you one. Be sure to include the gallery, page, row, column and the caption under the picture.
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