By-Laws of the Veterans of the First Engineer Combat Battalion

 As Revised and adopted at the 2011 Reunion in Junction City, Kansas

(Amended Article IV at the 2015 Reunion)


Article I - Name and Purpose


Section 1: Name of the Organization

The organization shall be known as the Veterans of the First Engineer Combat Battalion (hereinafter called the Organization).


Section 2: Purpose

The purpose of the Organization shall be to perpetuate the heritage, camaraderie, and ideals of all officers and enlisted soldiers who have served honorably in the First Engineer Combat Battalion, U.S. Army. It shall be a fraternal, non-profit association, recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as a 501c (19) tax exempt veterans organization.


Article II - Membership and Dues


Section 1: Membership

A. Regular membership:  Any officer or enlisted person who served honorably for any period in any unit of The First Engineer Battalion shall be eligible for regular (dues paying) membership.


B.  Associate Members: Spouses and children of deceased members shall be eligible for associate, dues paying membership, and have the same rights and privileges as regular members.


C. Honorary membership:  The Board of Directors may recommend honorary membership, which must be confirmed by a majority vote at a reunion general membership meeting.  Honorary members shall not pay dues or have the right to vote on business at a general membership meeting except for selection of reunion sites as stated in Article III, Section 2 of these by-laws.


Section 2: Dues

A.  Annual dues shall be paid by regular and associate members. The dues period shall coincide with the Organization's fiscal year, Sept 1st to August 31st. Dues are payable at the annual reunion, or by U.S. Mail to the treasurer. Dues may be paid ahead for future years.

B.  Annual dues may be adjusted from time to time, based on recommendations from the Board, and confirmed by a majority vote at a subsequent general membership meeting.

C.  The Board shall have the discretion to exempt members from paying dues because of financial hardship.

D.  Regular, associate and honorary members shall be issued a membership card by the treasurer. Cards of regular and associate members will show "Dues paid through 31 August (year)"; honorary members' cards shall be valid for life.


Article III - Meetings and Voting


Section 1:  Annual Reunion and Meeting

An annual reunion and a general membership meeting shall be held each September at a location determined by a majority of members voting at the immediately preceding annual general membership meeting.  The regular members attending a general membership meeting shall constitute a quorum for transacting business.


Section 2:  Voting

Each regular and associate member is entitled to one vote. A simple majority vote shall be required to approve motions and other business at the general membership meeting. Honorary members and spouses shall be entitled to vote during the general membership meeting on the selection of future reunion locations.


Article IV - Governance


Section 1: Officers and Directors:

The Organization shall be governed by an elected board of officers and directors (hereinafter called The Board) consisting of a President; Vice President; Immediate Past President; Secretary;  Treasurer, and five Directors. . Their terms shall be for two years.  In addition the following shall serve as appointed  members -with voting power -  of the Board: Newsletter Publisher; Website Coordinator;  Reunion Coordinator; and Liaison officers and NCO. Nonvoting Board members may be appointed. The overall duties of The Board shall be to propose policy, establish procedures, and direct activities such as the annual reunion to fulfill the purpose of the Organization as stated in Article I, Section 2 of these by laws. 


            Section 1A. Elected members of the Board

1.  The President shall:

a. Preside at all meetings of the Organization and The Board;

b. Make all appointments and decisions required or authorized by these by-laws;

c. Serve as liaison with similar organizations, such as The Society of the 1st Infantry Division, as appropriate; and

d. Appoint committees and be allowed to serve as a voting member of them.


2. The Immediate Past President shall be an ex-officio voting member of the board.


3. The Vice President shall:

a.  Assume all duties and responsibilities of the President until the next annual general membership meeting in the event the President resigns or becomes incapacitated.

b.  Carry out other duties assigned him by the President in consultation with the Board

c.  Be a voting member of the Board of Directors



4. The Secretary shall:

a. Conduct all official correspondence using US Mail and E-mail; preserve all documents and keep written minutes of all board and general membership meetings;

b. Maintain the official membership roster for the Organization;

c. Update and print letterhead stationery;

d. Keep the President and other Board members informed of membership updates, important correspondence, and any requests from members that require Board action;

e. Maintain close liaison with all officers and  Board members between annual reunions;

f. File Form 990-N (e – post card) with the Internal Revenue Service to maintain the Organization's status as a 501c (19) tax exempt organization;

g. Procure liability insurance for each reunion and for other events sponsored by the organization. .


4. The Treasurer shall:

a. Maintain a bank account in the name of The Organization, into or from which all organization funds shall be deposited or disbursed. This account and other Treasurer's records shall receive an annual internal audit by a committee appointed by the President;

b. Collect dues and issue membership cards, working with the Secretary and the Newsletter Editor/Publisher to let members know when/where dues can be paid;

c. Inform the Secretary when dues are paid, and to which future year they are paid;

d. Provide a written financial statement of income and expenses each year for both the Board and General Membership meetings, and give an oral          explanation of its contents.


5.  The Directors shall:

The five elected directors shall have full voting rights and  provide advice to the Board regarding concerns of all members. Their two-year terms shall be staggered so that two (or three) are elected at each annual reunion.  It shall be the policy of the Board to include representatives from all war eras and all regions of the USA, in so far as possible.


            Section 1B.  Appointed members of the Board


1. The Newsletter Editor/Publisher shall:

a. Produce and distribute a newsletter, at least twice a year, to all members and to former members whose dues have lapsed within the preceding six months;

b. Work with Board members and other sources to gather news about individual members, annual reunions, and other Organization activities;

c. Provide a report to the Board of newsletter printing and mailing costs annually.

d. Work with the Reunion Coordinator to provide inserts for the newsletter containing reunion registration and lodging information;

e. Promptly advise the Secretary and Treasurer of newsletters returned due to death, change of address, or being undeliverable by US Mail or E-mail.

f. Provide the Website Coordinator an electronic copy of the newsletter at the time of its publishing  for mailing to all members with E-mail addresses and for uploading to the Organization's website.




2.. The Website Coordinator shall:  

a.   Manage the website: for members and others to keep up with the Organization's history and current activities;

b. Maintain an online guest book to encourage communication between former and current members of The First Engineer Battalion;

c. Encourage members to provide photos and other historical information about their service in the Battalion;

d. Maintain hyperlinks to other veterans' organizations such as The Society of the First Division;

e. Work with the Reunion Coordinator to provide timely information about reunions and other events, and with the Newsletter Editor to insure that newsletters are promptly posted to the website; and

f. Establish standards for submitting photos and other information to the Organization website.

g. Provide website information about  Organization items for sale such as caps


3. The Reunion Coordinator shall:

a. Gather information and make proposals about reunions;

b. Assist the Board by recommending reunion sites two years in advance

c. Be empowered to sign contracts with hotels once reunion sites are approved  


            Section 1C.  Nonvoting Board Members: 

In addition to the voting members described above, the following shall be nonvoting Board members, appointed by the President with concurrence of the Board:

1.  The Honorary Colonel;

2.  The Honorary Sergeant Major.


Section 2:   Elections and Meetings of the Board

1.  The President, officers and directors, all of whom are eligible for reelection, shall be elected at the annual general membership meeting;  

2.  The Board shall provide nominees for officer and director positions, including President and Vice President. Nominations can be made from the floor at the annual meeting;

3.  The Board shall meet at least once annually at a place and time to be determined by them, preferably in conjunction with annual reunions.  A quorum shall consist of 6 voting board members. The Board shall have the power to fill vacancies created by death or resignation, subject to ratification at the next annual general membership meeting. The Secretary shall be empowered to poll the Board via E-mail when action requiring a recorded vote is needed. 


Section 3:  Terms for Officers and Directors

The President, Vice President and directors shall be elected for two-year terms. with their terms beginning in alternate years. The Immediate Past President serves until he no longer has that title.  The Secretary, Treasurer, once elected, shall remain in office indefinitely. The  Newsletter Editor/Publisher, Website Coordinator, Reunion Coordinator. and liaison officers/NCOS, once appointed,  shall continue in their positions indefinitely. Officers and directors may be removed from office "for cause" by a simple majority vote at an annual general membership meeting.


Article V - Rules of Order for Meetings


Roberts Rules of Order (revised edition) shall be the parliamentary procedure guide that governs the business of both board and general membership meetings. 


Article VI - Changes to these by-laws


These by-laws may be changed or new ones adopted by majority vote of the Organization at its annual general membership meeting.  By-law changes shall be effective immediately. The board shall have power to approve and implement emergency changes to the by-laws when such changes are deemed expedient to best serve the Organization between annual reunion meetings.  Such emergency changes must be ratified by majority vote at the next general membership meeting.



By-Laws of the Veterans of the First Engineer Combat Battalion

 As revised and adopted at the 2011 Reunion in Junction City, Kansas



Approved by: _____________________________________ (President)

                        Neal Teschendorf


Attested   by: ______________________________________ (Secretary)

                        F. C. "Chuck" Humphrey


Date of Vote/Revision: _______________________________


Article IV revised and adopted at the 2015 annual general membership meeting in Nashville, TN.


(President): ________________________________________________________