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jason |
FC Humphey... find out the answer and I'll join.
9 JAN 2013 - 1 Eng Bat, B Co 1990-1992

F C Humphrey, Ass'n Secretary | |
Join the "Veterans of the lst Engr Bn" our ass'n)and we'll put our "best detetective" Ron Danielson on it!
31 DEC 2012 - C Company, 3rd Platoon

jason |
anyone remember the name of the battalion commander during desert storm? I remember the CSM's was Sherrad... but I was just a private then... I'm about to pin on Lt Col in the AF next week and I was thinking about the first LTC I served under. Thanks and Always First!
19 DEC 2012 - B Co, HQ platoon

Spc4 David W Abrams |
Just saying hello and merry Christmas to all Military past and present be safe, By industry and honor.always first
18 DEC 2012 - HHC 317th engineers 82-84,c company 84-85

Daniel Simmons |
Just wanted to say hi to all my old friends I was stationed with in Germany
6 DEC 2012 - December 1976 thru June 1978

JD Fisher |
How can I send care package to Company A, 1st Engr. I served in the 60's
5 DEC 2012 - Company A, 1st Engr. Batt. 61-63

Vincent Van Cleave |
I sure miss the Times in Die Hard Land. You can stop and Laugh and cry about your history knowing you served with the Best there ever has been. 1SG Milton nice to know your still beaton that drum. 1SG Kabat retired to Chapman, KS. I now work in 1ID DIV G-8
26 NOV 2012 - B CO 1987-1990, A Co 1988-2000,HHC 2000-2003, A CO 2003-2005

LCPL Holmes |
C company 1st Engineer.Anybody who remembers me can contact me via email.U.S Marines.1966
17 NOV 2012 - 03/1966-12/1966

LTC Tom Hairgrove |
All: The Diehards are again in the fight. We are currently deployed to Afghanistan. The Diehard Soldiers are doing phenomenal work. Thanks to all Diehards who have gone before us. DH6
13 NOV 2012 - Diehard 6 (Apr 12-Current); DH5 (Jun08-Jun10)

David Cepler |
I celebrated this Veterans' Day in hurricane raviged Long Island by waiting for the power company to send inspectors to all the neighborhood homes to see whether the storm surge damaged home's power systems. They never came. I will "hurry up and wait" again tomorrow for the power to return.
11 NOV 2012 - HHC 1969/70

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