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Mike Bush |
A Co. 1st Engr Bn. lst Inf Div Vietnam May 68 - Dec 68. Was in Quan Loi, drove jeep for Capt John Brown on hwy 13 An Loc to Lai Khe. Email me at if you remember me or know how to locate Capt Brown.
7 JUL 2010

Richard J. Floyd |
I was in the 1st Engrs,1st Inf.Div. 1st platoon,in Quan Loi from Mar.1967 to may 1969. I drove jeep for Lt. Murray. My Platoon Sgt was Sgt.Vaughn, My CO was Cpt. John Brown
7 JUL 2010 - 1st Engineers Btn. 1st Inf. Division

COL Jeff Lee | |
I have been a career Engineer officer and have worked with the 1st Engineers in the past, but never served in such a fine unit. However, my Grandfather was a First Engineer veteran of WWI, Private Russell M. Lee. I am attaching an article recently published that includes some of his diary.
1 JUL 2010 - First Engineers, 1917-1919

Dick Gapen |
I served in D Co in Lai Khe from 67-68. I still remember with pride this battalion and what we accomplished.
29 JUN 2010 - D Co 1967 - 1968

Larry Fukalek |
The 1st Engr Bn at one time had an Atomic Demolitions Munitions Platoon attached to it ,I believe in the 60's & possible 70's. I am looking for any info about the platoon. I am US Army Retired (ADM) & would appreciate any info for my ADM History that I am working on.
Thank You
27 JUN 2010 - !st Engr Bn, !st ID, Panzer Kaserne, Boeblingen, W Germany

JD Kammes | |
Hello, my name is JD Kammes I am the Special Events Coordinator at the First Division Museum in Wheaton, Illinois. Every month we host a military history lecture series called a Date with History, which is free and open to the public. Our main focus is on First Infantry Division history and we have hosted authors, professors, historians, veterans, and active duty soldiers such as Hal Moore, Joe Galloway, Carlos D’Este, Arnold Krammer, veterans of Blackhawk Down, veterans of the Nuremburg trials, active duty nurses, and combat photographers. I would like to do a Date with History about the Tunnel Rats in Vietnam, therefore I am looking for any Tunnel Rat veterans to come out to the museum and speak about the Tunnel Rats and your experiences in Vietnam. Any veteran who is interested please contact me at
Thank you,
25 JUN 2010

Noel Brooks |
Looking for anyone assigned to Alpha Company from Jan 1977-1981
22 JUN 2010 - January 1977 - January 1981

Samuel M Harvey |
Served in Delta forward in Germany. I was a 12b.
21 JUN 2010 - Dco 1988 to 1990

Ricky Shoemaker | |
was with the Rome plow div,drove command track for diehard 80 Lai Khe
20 JUN 2010 - Hq&Hq company 68/69

James MacMillan |
I was in A company from August of 1966 to Auguest of 1967. In phoc vin
17 JUN 2010 - A company

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