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mike bush |
I was stationed in Quan Loi in May - Dec 1968. Driver for Captain John Brown. Interested in anyone who remembers me or knows where Captain Brown is.
21 MAR 2010 - Company A 1st Infantry 1968

Frank Ward |
I was with 1st eng. battalion Hq Hq VietNam from '65 to'66. If anybody remembers me, I would appreciate a word from you
5 MAR 2010 - 1ST Engineer Batt. '65 to'66

David O'Brien |
Was in 1st Engr from June 1970 - July 1971 as Battalion S3. Went on Reforger - which as a great experience - except for the snow. Was back in Eltmann last year on Germany vacation and Main River gap sure looked narrower than I remember.
1 MAR 2010

SGT Mark Shea |
I was with Bco. From Feb 80-Aug 81 just want to shout out to all the Big Red One Engrs. "Always First'
22 FEB 2010 - B Co 1st Engr Bn. Feb80 -Aug81

James Lawson |
Would like to make contact with some of the people I served with in Viet Nam from Sept 1966-Sept 1967, Some names I remember are, Gerald Nugent, James Boon, Thomas Newell, Viray Rodolpho, Mark Pascocello and James Oliver whom I spent many a days on the road with looking for mines
15 FEB 2010 - C Co 1966-1967

Buck Runion |
I am trying to find info concerning Lt. Robt. L Cold who was my platoon leader for the first part of my tour. Lt. Belcher was the platoon leader who replaced him. It seems to me that I heard that he died in the A Shau with the 101st. Time has blurred the details and I cannot find his name on the Wall. Anyone who has info please contact me.
15 FEB 2010 - C-1-E 1/67-1/68

John Lawrence | |
1st engineers battalion 1st infantry seventh core
4 FEB 2010 - 1st engineers battalion

Pfc.wimmersberger,richard |
"Duty First" just looking for old friends from (panzer Kaserne) in germany. I served in Dco.1st.engr./1/16th. Im new to this web site.Be safe and (Drive-on).
2 FEB 2010 - Dco.1st.engr.1st.inf.div.-1989-1992

Edward Hart |
I'm looking for my old comrades in arms from B co. 1st. Div. Combat Engineer Batt. from Fort Riley Ka. durning 1963 - 65 Then shipped out of Oakland Ca. on the USS Gordon to Vietnam.
25 JAN 2010 - B Co. 1st. Div. Combat Engineer Battalion

Buck Runion |
I was demo in C co. at Lai Khe. I can't remember which platoon. I left just before Tet. I would like to hear from anyone that was there for it. I have many memories but few names. Thank you for this site.
21 JAN 2010 - C co. IE 1/67-1/68

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