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PV2 Vilanova |
I'm a veteran from desert shield desert storm. The only pride I got left is what I lived with this unit. I was with MSG Wesley, SSG Kniga, SSG Jenking, SGT Gerton and PFC Rosemond. We were together with a company stationed in germany and we gave support to the tanker, I don't remember the unit but it was SGT Morales another Puertorrican like myself. If anyone can help me knowing where we were or know one of these buddy or was part of the unit can contact me, I need to know from you, more when VA is saying we have no stressor.
27 MAY 2009 - 1st engr bn 1st ID 1990-1991

Bob (doc) Shirley | |
I have some photos of Rome plow cuts and others associated with engineers in Vietnam 1969-70. Would like to donate them to your site.
19 MAY 2009 - Delta and HHC, 1/28th Inf, Ist Div. '69-70

15 MAY 2009 - CO C, 68-69

Travis Saunders |
Hello to all prior and current 1st engineer battalion soldiers. Keep the officers honest. Just jest, little humor helps all. 1992-1996 Alpha Company 1st Engineer Battalion, A&B platoon 3rd squad later A&O platoon. You can contact me at
10 MAY 2009 - June 1992 - June 1996

William Masingo |
Still trying to find old friends that were with me in Viet Nam in 1965 in Co B 1st Engr Battalion 1st Inf Div E mail has changeds to
8 MAY 2009 - Co B 1st Engr Battalion 1st Inf Div 6/65 to 8/66

jesse boggess
I was in company A first engineer bn 1969 and 1970 if you need any information about fsb tenn or kein you may contact me by phone at 304-854-2294.
2 APR 2009 - Co A 1st combat Engineer BN 1969/ 1970

Sp 4 Gregrey L Kaylor
Best time of all for me was REFORGER '73. Tent City, Ingolstad W Germany. No way home because of Arab-Israel war. Drunk for an extra month. Remember the yellow turd on officers tent doorstep. Classic.
28 MAR 2009 - E co May 73-Dec 74

jeremy campbell |
allways remember
20 MAR 2009 - b co 1 eng oif 2003 2003

Al Casson |
Post Viet Nam- all of us were trying to figure things out, one way or another. I learned alot about myself and life in general. All in all, some of my greatest regrets and best memories.
10 MAR 2009 - A Co., 1st Engr Bn. 1973-1975

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